Karen is the backbone of the operation and has always been able to keep the projects on course or to map out a new, revised course when circumstances demand it. As the spiritual director for our Agape House Karen is vital to our mission.


Be Present

Welcome to our Agape House Journey. We invite you to come along with us as we adapt to a radical new lifestyle. Karen and Phil are embarking on a journey toward a more meaningful life through simplicity and a devotion to family, friends and our Catholic faith.  Circumstances that might have derailed us in the past now propel us to the mission that God intends for us.


We hope to meet you along the way; in person if we are fortunate or on the pages of this blog.  Our Agape House Journey, we hope, will not only enrich our lives but the lives of others. We look forward to the opportunity to share our passions, challenges and thoughts with you, our new friends. 

Read on, engage and enjoy.




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